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OTR tire inspection resource
Date : 2017-09-04

 BS: OTR tire inspection resource


(quoted from Bridgestone Americas Inc.)  Bridgestone are offering resources for customers in the mining, construction and aggregates industries — a pre-shift inspection poster and video that provide general guidelines to identify and report irregular tire, rim and wheel conditions early, lowering the lifecycle cost of OTR tires.

OTR tires face some of the toughest conditions in the world, we are committed to helping our customers work as safely and efficiently as possible — whatever the conditions,

A regular tire inspection and maintenance program is crucial to safety and productivity, Bridgestone said, noting its inspection poster and video provide guidelines to identify tire conditions easily before every shift, preventing unplanned downtime.

The inspection steps include:

  • Inspect for irregular wear or flat spots in the tread and shoulder;
  • Look for any bulges or separations in the sidewall;
  • Ensure there are no cracks, splits, leaks or breaks in the beads;
  • Examine rust or corrosion of components on the wheel and rim;
  • Check inflation levels and examine the tire for any loose or damaged valve stems; and
  • Report any damage or issues immediately to a supervisor.

We recommends customers conduct daily pre-shift inspections and frequent formal inspections using an integrated tire and rim management tracking system. If you have further information,  contact us focustyre@focustyre.net.   Thanks!


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